Coverjunkie picks 2018’s most notable magazine covers

by Grace Wang in August 2018
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What was the best cover you’ve seen this year? Be it an arresting image or a political statement, a good magazine cover goes a long way in cementing a place in our memories.

And we come across a lot of these images through Coverjunkie, a website and Instagram account run by Jaap Biemans. His addiction to magazine covers, and his work as a magazine designer, means he’s always on the hunt for the most eye-catching, breathtaking images, and we couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to judge the Cover of the Year category for the Stack Awards. (If you have a magazine cover you want to share with the world, enter it before 28 September.) Read on for Jaap’s most memorable covers of 2018…

How long has Coverjunkie been running for?

Eight years now, we started in 2010.

Why did you want to start it?

I was (a bit) annoyed that lots of people were parroting each other with the phrase ‘print is dead’, as I saw beautiful printed stuff all around. I never believed it, and luckily this changed as people saw and appreciated the benefits of paper again. I think Coverjunkie as a whole brings together art directors, photographers, publishers and illustrators. That’s never happened before. I think the mag world is a fun place with lots of lovely and creative people.

What do you do other than run the site?

I design magazines. Right now I’m the art director of Volkskrant Magazine, which is based in Amsterdam. It’s published weekly with the Volkskrant newspaper.

I’ve been enjoying your output from this year, especially the political covers. What’s the most controversial cover you’ve posted this year?

And this one from GQ Portugal was ‘hearted’ lots…

What’s the cover with the most comments?

Personally, what was the most memorable cover for you this year?

Ah this one — I was looking for this for a long time. iIt was hard to find… but it’s one of the most beautifully designed covers ever:

Now THATS a cover, 1976 ♠️ Just arrived, found, was looking for this one for a while ♠️ the acest cover EVER on EBay #coverlove #magmuseum . . #warholsinterview #interviewmagazine #warhol #magazine #magazinecover #magazinedesign #helmutnewton #coverjunkie #magmuseum #elizabethtaylor @interviewmag @interview_de @interviewrussia #barbibenton

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Also it’s a bit dramatic cause they closed Interview magazine for a bizarre reason. I loved the vibe of this mag in the 70s and 80s, take a peek in there when you have a chance…

What’s the funniest cover, or the cover that made you cry?

What are you looking for when you judge The Stack Awards’ Cover of the Year category?

I like engagement? Not just sweet pictures with a logo. I like statements. Originality is king! 🙂

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