Stack at home: Backstage Talks, April 2018

Posted by Grace Wang on Friday, May 4 2018

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Last month’s Stack delivery had some of the smartest writing on design we’ve seen. But Backstage Talks isn’t about the biggest names in the industry, its insights are valuable due to the open dialogues they platform. Published out of By Design Conference in Slovakia, it captures conversations with the speakers off-stage, where challenges faced by designers are explored in a casual, open and free-flowing way.

We gather feedback from our readers every month, which you can find on a Pinterest board, and below are some of our favourites. The best response also wins a money-can’t-buy Stack t-shirt…

6. R & R
Daisy spends a day at the beach in Oxwich Bay, with a copy of Backstage Talks as her muse.

5. Industry insider
Check out the insights reaped from this interview with Mark Porter, former creative director of The Guardian.

4. Sensory pleasures
“As a human being, you need all your five senses to truly fall in love.” If you’re sick of the overwhelming digital world, this feature is an ode to the sexy, warm, beautiful and lovely analogue.

3. Reading between the lines
A nice sum up of the magazine…

2. All yellow
It’s nice to see that Backstage Talks’ candid conversations are providing fresh design (and fashion) inspiration.

1. Spring reading
This month’s winner goes to Dominika’s Instagram story — a Stack t-shirt is on its way to you!


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