Video review: NXS magazine

by Steve Watson in June 2017
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There’s a LOT to say about NXS magazine, and I hope I’ve managed to do it justice in the video below. Pronounced ‘nexus’, it’s a meeting place for ideas and opinions on the human experience in a digital world. This first issue is themed around cyber sensuality, musing on the places where our screens end and our fleshy bits begin, and the weird blurring that has taken place in that space.

Created as an exquisite corpse project, it smushes a range of complementary ideas together and visualises the interconnections between all those words and images in a large graphic across the centre spread. It’s a really interesting and adventurous magazine, and while it seems to have come out around March this year, I only discovered it last week thanks (again) to Marc at Athenaeum in Amsterdam. This is the sort of exciting independent publishing I love to see, and I’m really looking forward to finding out where their exploration will take them next.

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