Sampler: Suspira, The Monster Issue

by Grace Wang in April 2018

Behold, horror fans: Suspira is a new magazine dissecting the dark sides of the human psyche. From the publishers of contemporary witchcraft title Sabat, this artful creation unveils a world of sinister subjects in film, literature and art from a feminine perspective. 

Step into their gory and macabre world, where classic horror characters are illustrated, and antiquated monster-damsel themes are flipped on its head. Their inaugural Monster Issue is now available on Sampler for 10% off and free shipping.


In this issue:

— Niki Current’s illustrations of classic horror characters
— The tragic romance and sexual tension between the damsel and the monster
— Challenging the norm of the female victim in horror films
— Aviv Grimm shares her remedies to battle inner demons
— And the cinematic evolution of the monster and women of horror

Sampler gets you 10% off and free shipping to the US, UK and Europe, but we have a limited copies available so don’t sleep on this!

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