Stack reviews Perdiz

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, June 24 2014

Take a closer look at issue four of Perdiz magazine, delivered by Stack this month

This month’s Stack delivery was Perdiz, a beautiful bilingual magazine made in Spain and dedicated to the idiosyncrasies of human happiness. It has been fantastically popular with subscribers, probably partly because of that lovely sparkly cover, partly because it’s pretty difficult to get hold of, and partly because everyone likes to be happy.

The really important thing about Perdiz is that its happiness isn’t sappy. In fact some of it is downright alarming, with a bizarre parade of characters all pursuing their own personal definitions of what constitutes a happy life. It makes for a fascinating read, and I hope that comes across in the video below.

Two-Minute Magazines #31: Perdiz from Steven Watson on Vimeo.


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