Printout – one week on

Posted by Steve Watson on Thursday, November 10 2011

Belated thanks to everyone who came along to last week's Printout

I can’t believe it’s been a week already. Just a quick one then to say thanks very much to Les, Cathy and Gareth (there they are above being interviewed by a blurry Jeremy). And thanks also to everyone who came over to talk or left their feedback on the blog – we want to make Printout the best independent magazine night bar none, so it’s brilliant to know what you all think about it.

We don’t have a date in the diary yet, but the aim is to run the next Printout in January, so I hope you’ll come along to that and see your feedback being put into practice.

Thanks also to Gus at The Church of London for taking pictures for us – I’ll stick a couple of them below.

Independence and Fire & Knives get a good thumbing

Address in the process of being picked up

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