Still magazine joins Stack

Posted by Grace Wang on Friday, February 9 2018

We're excited to welcome the genre-bending literary and photography title

We like to send out a good balance of literary and visual magazines, and Still is the latest addition to the Stack lineup that balances both. Aiming to showcase writing and photography that challenges creative conventions, it champions revered voices as well as up-and-coming talent from around the world.

With bases in New York and Berlin, its editors are versed in the intricacies of translation, and hopes to merge the literary sensibilities of America and Germany. They scout out exciting new talent in their localities, searching for writers that disregard the confines of labels — short stories, for example, can be merged with works of poetry to create form-flexing pieces of literature.

Photography in the magazine also verge on the unconventional — take a look for yourself in our video review of their last issue.

We’re excited to have this thoughtful publication join the Stack magazines. Check out our full interview with the team to find out why they feel “compelled to be a resource for new voices”, and if this sounds like something you might like, subscribe to Stack and wait for their next issue to shoot through your letterbox.

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