Delivered by Stack, March 2015:Cereal

Arguably the world’s most beautiful travel magazine, Cereal brings its minimalist calm to every destination it lands in. A true publishing phenomenon, its rapid growth is testament to the power of its original photography and first-person writing.

Rosa Park

Job title

What is Cereal?
A travel and lifestyle magazine.

What makes it different to the rest?
Our perspective.

Who makes Cereal?
The core, in-house team of Cereal alongside our group of wonderful contributors from around the world.

Who reads it?
Interested, design-conscious, creative folk who value quality and substance.

Why do you work in magazines?
For the love of it! :o)

Aside from the print magazine, what are you involved in?
We publish city guides under ‘Guided by Cereal’, a sister business to Cereal, and also work as a creative agency for various clients, engaging in branding, consultancy, asset creation, and web development, etc.

What would you change about Cereal if you could?
Make it double the size, twice as long and finish it with a hardback cover! (One can dream, haha)

Where do you see Cereal in five years?
The headquarters set up on a beach with nap time hammocks and unlimited pina coladas for all employees! If that doesn’t pan out, I’d love to be just doing what we’re doing now – continuing to produce the best content that we can for our readership 🙂

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