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Behind the scenes: MC1R magazine

Tristan Rodgers, editor and founder of MC1R, on why his magazine for redheads has switched from German to English for its latest issue

Thursday, March 26 2015

Printout roundup

A quick overview of our Printout print special, featuring People of Print, The Long Good Read, Belleville Park Pages and The Pitchfork Review

Wednesday, March 25 2015

Guest post: Wax & Stamp

Josh Lachkovic, co-founder of Wax & Stamp, on how Stack helped to inspire his new vinyl subscription service

Monday, March 23 2015

Behind the scenes: GUP magazine

Peter Bas Mensink, co-founder of Amsterdam's GUP magazine, on how things have changed over a decade of independent publishing

Friday, March 20 2015

Video review: The Lifted Brow

Newly redesigned but still shouting from outside the mainstream, Australian literary magazine The Lifted Brow is looking better than ever

Tuesday, March 17 2015

Stack at the Guardian

Join us at our next magazine publishing masterclass at the Guardian on Saturday 21 March

Friday, March 13 2015

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