Shortlist: Editor of the Year

Posted by Grace Wang on Monday, November 6 2017

The editors whose distinctive narrative vision made their magazines stand out from the rest

This category of the Stack Awards looks for magazines that have a clear editorial vision, with skilfully packaged ideas and a cohesive, engaging narrative. Helping us look for the best editors are Christoph Amend, editor-in-chief of Zeitmagazin, and Tom Edwards, the executive producer of Monocole 24 radio. Scroll down for a quick look at each of the titles shortlisted for this category…

212 | Istanbul | Heval Okcuoglu
Published out of Istanbul, 212 is an arts and culture biannual showcasing a lovely curation of paintings, photography, illustrations, essays and fiction from around the world, that speaks to the Turkish city’s unique merge of western and eastern perspectives.

A New Type of Imprint | Oslo | Veronica Mike Solheim
A magazine on creative culture and design, A New Type of Imprint celebrates the most interesting Norwegian talent from their home country and around the world. From authors to painters, graphic designers, architects, and fashion stylists, it’s a showcase of projects that carry that unique sense of Norwegian cool.

Howler | Tampa | George Quraishi
Howler is a magazine about football that has been called “A testimony to the beauty of print” by The New Yorker, and “A work of sport-fan art” by the Paris Review. No big deal.

Read it by the river #Issue13 @ts_xiv

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MacGuffin | Amsterdam | Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven
MacGuffin is a design magazine that obsesses over one single thing for each issue. Previous instalments have seen studies on the bed, the window, and the rope, and their submitted issue is a fanatic exploration of the sink.

New Humanist | London | Daniel Trilling
New Humanist is a clear-thinking publication covering politics, culture, science and the arts. With a mission to champion debate based on evidence rather than belief, and to promote rational inquiry, it is filled with refreshing, important and stimulating writing that will leave you untangling the ideas they present days after.


New Philosopher | Hobart | Zan Boag
New Philosopher applies philosophical ideas from past and present to contemporary life, and breaks down difficult concepts into engaging, bite-sized articles with the help of lively infographics and illustrations.


Nomad | Munich | Frank Wagner
Nomad knows the multifaceted ways design intersects with all aspect of society, so they’ve dedicated their pages to the showcasing design as a method of shaping the future, and as a catalyst for social development.


Panta | Berlin | Charlotte Specht & Guille Lasarte
Panta features work from emerging artists and writers, and initiatives that have the power to take on social, cultural and environmental issues. They believe that art should not be just for the elite, and want to create a platform for creatives who use their craft to make an impact on society.

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Scenario | Copenhagen | Morten Grønborg
Established by futurists, Scenario explores trends, ideas and visions in the world around us. From communication to consumer culture, they look at the breakthroughs that are made, discovering trend-setters in the future.


The Happy Reader | London | Seb Emina
The offspring of Penguin Classics and Fantastic Man, The Happy Reader goes in depth on one book and a bookish celebrity each issue. Their most recent take saw The Gentlewoman’s editor-in-chief Penny Martin in conversation with Lily Cole, followed by a dedication to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.


The Idler | London | Tom Hodgkinson
Established in 1993, The Idler is somewhat of a British classic. Wanting to inspire people to think about how they live, it features interviews and essays made for readers who see virtue in not doing much at all.

Womankind | Hobart | Antonia Case
Womankind is an encompassing and insightful collection of features on self, identity and meaning in today’s society.


Works That Work | The Hague | Peter Biľak
A magazine of unexpected creativity, Works That Work examines projects that speak to the impact of design, and the way they challenge and change perceptions.

Yes & No | London | Cassius Matthias
Yes & No is a totally original title that defies categorisation in both its subject matter and style of storytelling.


Yuca | Bogotá | Lina Rincón & Juliana Gómez
Yuca is devoted to art, photography, culture, and literature. Each issue explores the intersection of two distinct themes, reflecting upon cultural constructs and personal identities through visual and written content.

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