Video review: Migrant Journal

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, November 15 2016

Take a look inside the launch issue of Migrant Journal, a response to mass movement around the world

I was really impressed when I saw the latest issue of The Outpost, with its understated but poignant response to the displacement of people in the current migrant crisis. And now that magazine has been joined by another thought-provoking piece of publishing, which takes a broader view of migration as a defining issue of our time.

Migrant Journal is a six-issue magazine project that considers migration in all its forms. This first issue focuses on the impact of migration on the countryside, travelling the world in search of the invisible forces that are sending people, products, ideas and resources far and wide. It’s a brilliant piece of work, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next five issues will bring.

Two-Minute Magazines #143: Migrant Journal from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

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