Stack at home: Anxy, May 2017

Posted by Grace Wang on Friday, June 2 2017

Stack subscribers give their verdict on last month's delivery; a new mental health magazine from California

Every month we send out a surprise, independent magazine to subscribers. They never know what they’re going to get, but it’ll always be an intelligent, beautiful title they might not come across otherwise. This month, we sent out a brand new magazine that readers almost certainly would not have seen before.

In the midst of Mental Health Awareness week, we delivered Anxy, a California-based title exploring our inner worlds. The issue’s theme was anger, and we’ve received a lot of really honest and encouraging feedback for it. Here are some of our favourites — the best one wins a Stack t-shirt — and if you’re interested to see more of what people thought of their subscription, you can jump over to our Pinterest board.

8. Understanding anger
Absolutely love the thoughtful, honest comment by this subscriber…

7. Appropriate theme
We like being in sync with our subscribers…

6. A bookmark you can read
Every month we also add choice extra bits of print to our envelopes, and for May we included the current issue of Dog Ear magazine. It’s a bookmark that folds out to show short poems and illustrations, and it seems to be a hit with Chris…

5. Un(post)boxing
David shares the unboxing experience of having a parcel delivered to his postbox every month.

4. Welcome home
Fe shares one of our favourite features in the issue, ‘What it’s like when people shout at you all day’, which are true stories from service industry workers on the “frontline of frustration”.

3. “So much yes”
This issue is filled with powerful, personal and often difficult reading about the experience of anger, which makes it especially heartening to see Stacey-Louise react so positively to it.

2. Perfect wake up call
We all know the feeling of immediately connecting with the ideas behind a magazine. May Wilkerson’s (@shutupmay) piece explores gaslighting — being called ‘insane’, when she knows that it’s perfectly healthy to feel angry and scared in certain situations (like being in a drunk boyfriend’s car, or under the current political climate…).

1. Cover star
Ant is our winner this month! You can’t really beat dressing up as the hedgehog man on the cover of the magazine.

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