Podcast: Dog magazine

by Steve Watson in October 2017

In September last year, a striking new presence arrived on newsstands around the world. The first issue of Dog magazine featured a dog (a Dutch stabyhoun, to be precise) staring out of a stark white background and fixing shoppers with its big, doggy eyes. Issue two followed earlier this year with a Japanese shiba inu, and issue three arrived this week with a dalmatian taking over cover duties. (Pictured above – thanks to La Biblioteka for the photo)

These cover stars do more than catch the eye – each issue the magazine travels to the part of the world that breed comes from, reporting on the food and culture found there and creating a kind of dog-based travelogue. It’s all part of editor-in-chief Julian Victoria’s vision to create a lifestyle magazine for dog lovers – one that uses man’s best friend as a jumping off point for exploring many different facets of modern life.

He and editor Emily Rogers dropped into the office last week to speak about their mission to build a new dog-based magazine brand – listen to the podcast below to hear where the idea for the magazine first came from, how the pair found each other, and why their readers aren’t quite as dog-obsessed as you might imagine.

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