Introducing… Stack Bundles

by Steve Watson in February 2020

What’s better than receiving a different magazine surprise every month? Receiving FIVE different magazine surprises every month!

Over the years we’ve occasionally had people and organisations contact us asking whether we can supply more than one independent magazine per month. The answer has always been yes, so we’ve gradually built up a small list of creative agencies, design studios, hotels, members’ clubs and libraries around the world that receive a bundle of five magazines from us every month. I’ve wanted to turn these ad hoc deliveries into a proper Stack product for a long time, so at the start of this year we began work on the new project and I’m very pleased to finally announce the launch of our Stack Bundles – five brilliant independent magazines delivered to your workplace every month.

One of the things we know from speaking to our customers is that people like to control the sorts of magazines they receive, so there are four different types of bundles, allowing you to choose broadly what kind of magazines we send. We also know that it’s insanely irritating when things get lost in the post, so all our bundles are sent via courier or priority tracked post.

We launched quietly a couple of weeks ago by simply adding ‘Bundles’ to our main menu, and I’ve been surprised (and massively encouraged) by the number of people who have subscribed based on that alone. But now we’re ready to launch properly, so we’re actively reaching out to lots more people who could want to bring Stack into their workplace.

Of course the whole point of Stack is that you never know exactly what we’re going to send out next, and we’ll always keep that essential element of surprise. (We’re often asked whether customers could subscribe to individual magazines via Stack, but the answer is always no – once you find a magazine you love you should subscribe to it directly. That’s better for the publisher and simpler for you, so we don’t need to get in the middle and complicate things!)

Our aim with the bundles is to maintain the surprise while giving our subscribers more control, hence the following four options:

Full Stack — The best, most exciting independent publishing from around the world (choose this one if you want a snapshot of the strongest indies)

Fresh Ideas — Insight and inspiration from outside the mainstream (ideal for creative agencies and researchers looking for interesting outliers)

Art and Design — Cutting-edge art, photography and graphic design (perfect for design studios and anyone who needs a supply of visual stimulation)

Safe Stack — Our pick of the publications with family-friendly content (we’re thinking of hotel lobbies and other public spaces that don’t want to offend casual readers)

As always, we’ll be learning from this as we go, so we may well introduce more bundles along the way. And we’re always open to creating something even more bespoke for organisations that want to place larger orders, or set up several subscriptions for different locations – just drop me a line to talk about that.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll give our bundles a try, or pass this on to the person in your organisation who takes care of this sort of thing. (I’ve been speaking to LOTS of office managers in the last few weeks.) It’s really easy for us to switch you between different bundles, so for example you could always start on Full Stack and refine your choice a couple of months down the line if needs be. We’ve got some amazing magazines lined up for the coming months and we’d love to send some of them your way…

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