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Posted by Grace Wang on Thursday, September 22 2016

Household magic, bee healers, #witchesofinstragram — Sabat magazine is essential reading for the modern witch

Earlier this year we spoke to Elisabeth Krohn about Sabat magazine, her new imprint dedicated to modern witches. Coming from a fashion background, Elisabeth shows that you can be a witch in brands like Celine and Acne. She trawls through online forums and Instagram and reports on modern witch communities.

Telling stories of people who use crystals and tarot cards as a form of meditation or self-development, Sabat is just as interested in feminism as it is exploring and not feeling shamed by our darker selves.

In this issue:

Everyday magic with witchery blog The Hoodwitch, named after the wise, healing women from neighbourhood botanicas:

Snow White’s Evil Queen discussed: could she be a representation of our mothers’ darker sides?

Performance art project Equilibrium Rites — six women walked 100 miles through California’s Central Valley during the world’s largest honeybee migration.

‘What’s on your altar?’ A peep at the collection of handmade crosses, found crystals, quartz and skulls from the #Witchesofinstagram:

Searching for the ‘Hidden Mothers’ in Victorian imagery:

Moons, feathers, knives, stones: Tarot for the bohemian wanderer:

And Other Mothers: Looking into Our Lady of Guadalupe and motherly saints and angels:

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