A more accessible view of art in Swim magazine

by Steve Watson in January 2020
Art & designPhotography

Daniel Milroy Maher is the editor of Swim, the art and photography magazine that has a refreshingly unpretentious approach to the work on its pages. As Daniel explains, the magazine was initially intended as a way to showcase the work of friends, and while it has grown since then and now also includes some really big names, it’s managed to keep that same feeling of easy accessibility.

In large part that’s thanks to their themes – the latest issue profiles artists that have changed medium in some way, so we see the vulnerability of artists who may be considered masters in one field, as they move over and try something new. And I think it helps that Daniel and the team are themselves willing to keep on playing and experimenting and doing something that entertains them, even if it means making life more difficult along the way.

It’s always difficult to talk about such a visual magazine without being able to see it, and we speak in particular depth about Christian Newell’s cryptography and Ian Thomas Miller’s photography and photorealistic paintings, so I’m including pictures of those below. But of course the best way to enjoy this magazine is in the flesh, so if all this looks like something you want on your shelf, head over to the Stack shop and pick up a copy for yourself.



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