Podcast: Eyesore magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, March 25 2017

Hear the team behind Eyesore magazine on creating an artistic response to the realities of city living

This week’s episode of the podcast is a bit of a departure, because it’s the first one that has been recorded in an actual studio, with an actual producer on hand. That’s because last week I went over to the pod at White City Place, the new development that is regenerating London’s White City and attracting creative industries to the area.

There I met up with Arman Nouri, Ganesha Lockhart and Théodore Plytas from Eyesore magazine, and we squeezed into the pod to talk about urban regeneration, and why they decided to publish an artistic response to London’s changing landscape. The magazine started when they and their co-creators were students studying in the city, and it was really interesting to hear how the project has evolved along with them, and how it continues to change now that they’ve all left full-time education.

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