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by Steve Watson in August 2020
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Anja Dietmann and Max Predinger are two of the people behind Pfeil, the Hamburg-based art magazine that we delivered to Stack subscribers in June. If you’re a Stack subscriber you should have seen this one for yourself, but in case you haven’t already seen the magazine I think it’s important to say up front that this isn’t a magazine about art – the magazine itself is conceived as an artwork and they’re absolutely committed to each issue’s artistic concept, which this time is Economy.

That extreme commitment leads them to do slightly crazy things. For example they printed this latest issue on poster paper, even though that means half the magazine is printed on the reverse side of the poster paper, which has a blue mottled effect. Similarly, one of their pieces sees two handwritten texts printed on top of each other, one running horizontally and one vertically, which is apparently a Victorian paper saving technique. It looks great and it’s a perfect expression of ‘economy’, so then it sort of doesn’t matter that the text itself is basically impossible to read. It’s a totally fascinating piece of work and I loved hearing some of its secrets, so I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation with Anja and Max from Pfeil.

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