Shortlist: Student Magazine of the Year

Posted by Grace Wang on Thursday, October 12 2017

A closer look at the student magazines that made this year's Stack Awards shortlist

Earlier this week, we announced the shortlists for this year’s Stack Awards. Now, the magazines have been sent off to the judges, who will have a month to live with the titles while they deliberate. During this time, we’ll dig a little deeper into each category, and showcase all the magazines that have made the cut.

First up is the Student Magazine of the Year category. This was one of the toughest to shortlist, with a ridiculous number of excellent magazines to choose from. Scroll down to see the truly fantastic offering from editors and art directors who also hold down a full-time university schedule, and keep an eye on the Stack blog over the coming weeks to find out more about the other shortlisted titles.

AM22 | Stuttgart
An exploration in editorial design, AM22 is published out of the Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart. Their ‘Repetition’ issue is an extensive showcase of the theme in photography, graphic design, and illustration.


Artefact | London
Created by BA Journalism students at the London College of Communication, the Truth and Terror special edition sees an international collaboration with students of Universitat Abat Oliba in Barcelona. From authoritarianism to terror, the rise of the Right and intolernace of minorities, it’s a global outlook reflecting LCC’s international student body.


Brasilia | Hanover
Published out of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Brasilia thoughtfully considers a single theme for each issue. Their Daughters and Sons issue sees the collaborated efforts of the students, teachers and friends of the university’s design faculty.


Chanced Arm | London
Chanced Arm is a foldout posterzine designed in 24 hours with crowdsourced content from social media, and for their third issue they collaborated with students from the London College of Communication. Find out more in our chat with editor Oswin Tickler.


Crumble | Edinburgh
An architecture magazine that’s “not about architecture”, Crumble is a lovely riso-printed number from the University of Edinburgh that wants to make you question what qualifies as architecture, and if that even is a relevant question to ask.

Hearing Aid | St Andrews
As the name suggests, Hearing Aid is a music magazine. Published in conjunction with STAR Radio, the University of St Andrews’s radio station, it covers new music releases, gig reviews and concept pieces to form an eclectic ensemble of music journalism.


Mutt | Nottingham
Created out of a desire for social change, Mutt wants to show rescue dogs in a way that reverses the negative connotations attached to dog abandonment. Letting the personalities of the pups take centre stage, it celebrates and encourages the practice of dog adoption.

Pigeons and Peacocks | London
Funded by the London College of Fashion, this annual publication showcases the best talent from the institution, with the aim to tackle the most pertinent issues facing the fashion industry today, such as sustainability, geopolitical borders, and identity.

Psyche | Glasgow
Made out of The Glasgow School of Art, Psyche is a small riso-printed publication that takes a quiet, personal and affecting look at the world. It’s a magazine to do with the mind, but goes beyond mental health to offer short stories, poetry and essays.

Rhizom | Münster
Even though we couldn’t read Rhizom (it’s published in German), we had to shortlist them for their superb design. Published out of Münster School of Design, it is a thick volume of creative typography and graphic goodness.

Stand Up | Sunderland
Created out of the MA Magazine Journalism programme at the University of Sunderland, Stand Up magazine wants to address head on the current political situation, while ensuring that politics was fully inclusive and not just for the elites.


Stereoscope | St Andrews
Based at the University of St Andrews, Stereoscope has an interest in photography curation that spans across different time periods. They combines artefacts from the university’s special collection archives with contemporary works.


Storehouse | London
Platforming the political, social and economic concerns voiced within their campus, Storehouse is the official magazine of the Student Union at Norwich University of the Arts.


The Tangerine | Belfast
A magazine of new writing, The Tangerine is published out of Queen’s University Belfast. Compiling short stories, poetry and non-fiction, it’s packed with exciting literature from the campus and beyond.

Terrible People | London
Asking the question “Why do people do stupid things?”, this is a magazine taking an irreverent approach to culture satire from the London College of Communication. Look inside their first issue with our review.


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