Video review: Cartography magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, September 5 2017

Set out on a dreamlike adventure with the first issue of Cartography magazine

A new magazine published from Milan in English and Italian, Cartography presents a whimsical and very personal approach to travel. Led by beautiful photography that runs the gamut from documentary to abstract still life, it looks beyond the landscapes it visits to probe the religion, mythology and history of places. All this is summed up in its own formulation of ‘dream maps’:

“They are maps of places that really exist. But they are also maps of dreams because they represent dreamt-about places, places not thought to exist, to be the stuff of legend, but which are found by following and verifying a myth or a story.”

It’s a heavyweight piece of publishing and certainly not the sort of thing you’d slip in your bag as you head off on your travels, but as a guide to more spiritual travels Cartography magazine makes much more sense. Take a look at the video below to see it in more detail…

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