Borshch issue 5 Techno, Music, Darkness

Ìrìn issue 1 History, Culture, Lagos

Straight No Chaser issue 100 Jazz, African diaspora, Interplanetary sounds

Gold Flake Paint issue 4 Interviews, Music, Longform

Record issue 6 Music, Collecting, Studios

A Dance Mag issue 2 Dance, Movement, Furor

Women of Rock collection Women, Rock music, Instruments

Gold Flake Paint issue 2 Interviews, Music, Longform

Gusher issue 3 Interviews, Womxn, Rock music

Tom Tom issue 36 Women, Drums, Music

She Shreds issue 16 Women, Music, Guitars

Borshch issue 3 Techno, Music, Jeff Mills

Straight No Chaser issue 99 Jazz, African diaspora, Interplanetary sounds

A Dance Mag issue 1 Dance, Movement, Transcendence

Grøss issue 2 Creative process, Contemporary art, Stickers

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