South London Review of Hand Dryers issue 3 Hand dryers, Dry humour, Reviews

Weapons of Reason issue 7 Current affairs, Future, Inequality

Double Dagger issue 3 Typography, Print, Letterpress

Nork issue 4 Illustration, North, Norway

The Nib issue 4 Comics, Politics, Scams

The Nib issue 3 Comics, Politics, Empire

Indian Independents collection Love, Visual culture, India

A Profound Waste of Time pin badge

Varoom issue 39 Illustration, Creative industry, Nostalgia

Weapons of Reason issue 6 Infographics, Future, AI

Eye issue 97 Design, Visual culture, Art direction

A Profound Waste of Time issue 1 Illustration, Art, Videogames

Shado issue 1 Illustration, Activism, Migration

The Nib issue 2 Comics, Politics, Family

Shelf Heroes issue ‘H’ Illustration, Creativity, Film

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