Visions issue 2 Typography, Literature, Sci-fi

Worms issue 1 Literature, Style, Kathy Acker

The Stinging Fly issue 41 volume 2 Poetry, Literature, Short stories

The Stinging Fly issue 40 volume 2 Poetry, Literature, Short stories

Mal Journal issue 4 Literature, Sexuality, Transgression

Kajet issue 3 Academic, Eastern Europe, Struggle

American Chordata issue 9 Poetry, Literature, Art

The White Review issue 25 Literature, Art, Longform

Racquet issue 10 Tennis, Sport, Rivalry

The Happy Reader issue 13 Literature, Owen Wilson, Stoicism

Berlin Quarterly issue 10 Europe, Photography, Literature

Avaunt issue 8 Adventure, Human experience, Extremes

Visions issue 1 Typography, Literature, Sci-fi

Tinted Window issue 1 Literature, Archive, Herve Guibert

American Chordata issue 8 Photography, Literature, Art

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