Suspira issue 2 Horror, Feminism, Fetish

Kajet issue 2 Academic, Eastern Europe, Utopia

A New Type of Imprint issue 13 Design, Creativity, Visual culture

Eye on Design issue 2 Design, Visual culture, psychedelia

Der Greif issue 11 Photography, Literature, Frankenstein

Nataal issue 1 Art, Fashion, African diaspora

Good Trouble issue 22 Politics, Protest, Art

Anxy issue 3 Mental health, Boundaries, Borders

Four & Sons issue 9 Photography, Dogs, Creativity

Brasilia issue 5 Current affairs, Photographic essay, Waste

Archivio issue 2 Photography, Archive, Crime

Still issue 6 Poetry, Photography, Writing

Migrant Journal issue 4 Migration, Darkness, Intersections

The Skirt Chronicles issue 3 Travel, Literature, Fashion

Suspira issue 1 Horror, Feminism, Monster

Perdiz issue 9 Happiness, Personal stories, Visual culture

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