Vestoj issue 9 Photography, Fashion, Style

Worms issue 1 Literature, Style, Kathy Acker

The Skirt Chronicles issue 5 Literature, Fashion, Trousers

Tofu issue 1 Photography, Collaboration, East Asia

Buffalo Zine issue 10 Fashion, Satire, Unfinished

The Gentlewoman issue 20 Interviews, Women, Fashion

Gym Class magazine volume 2 issue 2 Magazines, Podcasts, Paper

Nataal issue 2 Art, Fashion, African diaspora

MacGuffin issue 7 Design, Trousers, Things

Buffalo Zine issue 9 Fashion, Satire, Imitation

The Skirt Chronicles issue 4 Politics, Literature, Fashion

The Gentlewoman issue 19 Interviews, Women, Fashion

The Gentlewoman issue 18 Interviews, Women, Fashion

Johnny issue 1 Identity, Masculinities, Fashion

The Travel Almanac issue 15 Interviews, Travel, Privacy

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