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Posted by Grace Wang on Friday, March 2 2018

DIY notebooks and heartfelt messages: responses to February's poetry magazine

Last month, we delivered Hotdog magazine, the playful poetry title championing female identifying, non-binary and transgender voices. The poems they feature generally dance on the edge of literary conventions, while accessing an earnestness and sensitivity, which might explain the flood of creative, heartfelt responses we received from Stack subscribers this month. They are all collected on our Pinterest board, but scroll down to see some of our highlights. The best one even wins a Stack t-shirt…

6. New Stack-er
That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you…

5. Galentines Day
Satin sheets and lovely magazines — that’s our kind of Valentine’s Day.

looking forward to a snug night in with these two 🌹🍾🍫 #galentinesday

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4. Nighttime reading
What better way to end a day, really?

3. Making it last
We totally get where Kirstin is coming from — when a magazine is that good you never want it to end.

2. Poetry notebooks!
We always knew that our subscribers were creative, but this is another level. Thank you, Megan, for bringing this awesome idea into our lives.

1. A real dog and a hotdog
Serendipity hits Larissa 11 months later! A very warm welcome to our newest club member.

my hot dog with hotdog. 💖 I finally, finally subscribed to @stackmagazines, 11 months and 4 days after I took the amazing Publishing Revolution masterclass led by Steve at the @designmuseum last year. probably my favourite session from those two days was with the lovely Megan & Molly from @_hotdogmag_ – so it was a fitting surprise that issue 3 was the first magazine I received through my letterbox from Stack. it's a beautifully put together, inspiring, and touching issue, full of brilliant poetry and amazing interviews. these are some of my favourite bits – some quotes from @jjasperavery and photographs and words by @barboramrazkova. thank you Stack and hotdog!!! 🙏🏻 #stack #magazines #independentmagazine #poetry #publishing #writing #reading #vsco #dog #cockapoo #dogsofinstagram

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