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Indian Independents collection Love, Visual culture, India

Pit issue 5 Barbecue, Food, World

Cold Cuts issue 1 Queer culture, Middle East, Drag

A Profound Waste of Time pin badge

Visions issue 1 Typography, Literature, Sci-fi

Editorial Magazine issue 19 Art, Fashion, Surreal

Varoom issue 39 Illustration, Creative industry, Nostalgia

Meantime issue 1 Love, Singapore, Personal stories

212 issue 7 Art, Fashion, Sleep

Extra Extra issue 12 Cities, Erotic, Overheard stories

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Whalebone volume 5 issue 1 Lifestyle, New York, Positivity

True issue 6 Photography, Experimentation, Revisiting

Gaffer issue 1 Youth culture, Sport, Music

Cereal issue 17 Travel, Style, Process

Nichons-Nous dans l’Internet Art, Creativity, Internet culture

The Gentlewoman issue 19 Interviews, Women, Fashion

Oof issue 3 Football, Art, Obsessions

Women of Rock collection Women, Rock music, Instruments

Weapons of Reason issue 6 Infographics, Future, AI

Real Review issue 8 Space, Power, Culture

Ordinary pin badge

White Fungus issue 16 Protest, Art, Contemporary

Jezga issue 2 Photography, Youth culture, Eastern Europe

Migrant Journal issue 5 Migration, Academic, Microscopic movements

The Gentlewoman issue 18 Interviews, Women, Fashion

Eye issue 97 Design, Visual culture, Art direction

The California Sunday Magazine February 2019 issue Current affairs, Migration, US

It’s Freezing in LA! issue 2 Climate crisis, Sustainability, Experts

Eye on Design issue 3 Design, Gossip, Communication

Cherryboy issue 4 Art, Fashion, (Ab)normality

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A Profound Waste of Time issue 1 Illustration, Art, Videogames

Homesick issue 3 Photography, Archive, Pop culture

Anxy issue 4 Identity, Mental health, Masculinities

Shado issue 1 Illustration, Activism, Migration

Fare issue 4 Travel, Food, Seoul

Oh So issue 1 Women, Activism, Skateboarding

Four & Sons pin badge

Tinted Window issue 1 Literature, Archive, Herve Guibert

The Nib issue 2 Comics, Politics, Family

Critical Mass issue 17/01 Design, Art, Trends

Archivio issue 3 Photography, Archive, Americana

Gusher issue 3 Interviews, Womxn, Rock music

Matto issue 1 Photography, Art, Conceptual

The Travel Almanac issue 15 Interviews, Travel, Privacy

Grøss issue 3 Contemporary art, Stickers, Youth culture

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