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Visions issue 1 Typography, Literature, Sci-fi

Meantime issue 1 Love, Singapore, Personal stories

212 issue 7 Art, Fashion, Sleep

Extra Extra issue 12 Cities, Erotic, Overheard stories

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Whalebone volume 5 issue 1 Lifestyle, New York, Positivity

True issue 6 Photography, Experimentation, Revisiting

Gaffer issue 1 Youth culture, Sport, Music

Cereal issue 17 Travel, Style, Process

Nichons-Nous dans l’Internet Art, Creativity, Internet culture

Women of Rock collection Women, Rock music, Instruments

Weapons of Reason issue 6 Infographics, Future, AI

Ordinary pin badge

White Fungus issue 16 Protest, Art, Contemporary

Migrant Journal issue 5 Migration, Academic, Microscopic movements

The California Sunday Magazine February 2019 issue Current affairs, Migration, US

Eye on Design issue 3 Design, Gossip, Communication

Cherryboy issue 4 Art, Fashion, (Ab)normality

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A Profound Waste of Time issue 1 Illustration, Art, Videogames

Homesick issue 3 Photography, Archive, Pop culture

Shado issue 1 Illustration, Activism, Migration

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Tinted Window issue 1 Literature, Archive, Herve Guibert

The Nib issue 2 Comics, Politics, Family

Critical Mass issue 17/01 Design, Art, Trends

Gusher issue 3 Interviews, Womxn, Rock music

Matto issue 1 Photography, Art, Conceptual

The Travel Almanac issue 15 Interviews, Travel, Privacy

Grøss issue 3 Contemporary art, Stickers, Youth culture

Yuca issue 3 Time, Conceptual, Sound

Tom Tom issue 36 Women, Drums, Music

Puss Puss issue 8 Art, Cats, Fashion

Gym Class magazine volume 2 issue 1 Magazines, Longform, Paper

American Chordata issue 8 Photography, Literature, Art

Lost issue 5 Travel, Self-discovery, Epiphanies

The Ephemerist issue 182 Ephemera, Archive, Paper

Berlin Quarterly issue 9 Photography, Literature, Longform

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Shelf Heroes issue ‘H’ Illustration, Creativity, Film

Taverna issue 2 Travel, Greece, Food

Sculptorvox issue 2 Sculpture, Art, Process

This is America collection Politics, Culture, US

MacGuffin issue 6 Archive, Things, The ball

Borshch issue 3 Techno, Music, Jeff Mills

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